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Tidelands Health Rehabilitation Services

A pair of legs running on a treadmill.

A woman has her bandage adjusted at Tidelands Health.

Decades later, breast cancer survivor finds relief from painful swelling

After decades of suffering from painful lymphedema, Patricia Anderson finally found relief with the help of Tidelands Health physical therapist and clinical specialist Amy Parker.

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At Tidelands Health, you have access to a full array of outpatient rehabilitation programs from one of the largest rehab providers in South Carolina. With locations from Hemingway to Little River, our Tidelands Health Rehabilitation Services will help you recover skills, ease your pain and restore your strength.

Specialized Outpatient Rehab Services

Feet on a treadmill

8 tips to get the most from physical therapy

If you are experiencing pain or difficulty doing something you enjoy, physical therapy can be a great way to get help.

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You’ll spend most of your recovery from your condition, injury or surgery at home. But when you’re with us, take advantage of a wide range of outpatient rehabilitation services, including:

Carpal Tunnel

The benefits of physical therapy for carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a chronic condition of the hands that affects millions of Americans each year, impairing their ability to perform manual tasks, excel in the workplace or sometimes just get through the day.

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  • Aquatic therapy
  • A cancer rehabilitation program to improve your strength and reduce pain
  • Fall prevention assistance
  • Functional capacity evaluations that measure your ability to return to work or daily activities
  • Joint replacement care
  • A mobility clinic with experts who help you select and learn to use a wheelchair, if necessary
  • Neurological rehabilitation services for people with brain or spinal cord injuries or illnesses
  • Tidelands HealthPoint Center for Health and Fitness, where you’ll find exercise equipment, personal trainers, massage therapy and more
  • Pediatric rehabilitation for children younger than 14
  • Spine therapy to relieve back pain
  • Sports medicine services that cater to recreational and student athletes
  • Work conditioning to help you return to your job

Customized Hand Therapy

A woman tries to open a jar.

Why you shouldn’t ignore declining grip strength

Maybe you’ve noticed opening jars is suddenly a real challenge, or maybe getting dressed in the morning is a bigger task than it used to be.

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After an injury to or surgery on your hand — one of the most complex parts of your body — you need specialized rehabilitation services from a skilled therapist. Find the best care at Tidelands Health Hand Therapy Center, the first rehabilitation center of its kind in the Tidelands region.

You'll benefit from certified hand therapists with years of experience and advanced training in rehabilitation of the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder. Custom-made braces, splints and other orthotics will help ensure you get the perfect fit — and heal more quickly.

Going Places with Driver Rehabilitation

As you age or recover from an injury or illness, you may need assistance getting back behind the wheel of a vehicle. Our driver rehabilitation program can help. A certified driving rehabilitation specialist — one of only a few in South Carolina — can evaluate your ability to drive and determine what adaptive equipment or training may benefit you.

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