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Tidelands Health Foundation

Tidelands Health Foundation Leadership

The Tidelands Health Foundation board of directors is made up of dedicated community volunteers with diverse backgrounds and expertise. Board members volunteer their time and talent in support of the healing mission of Tidelands Health, helping assure quality health care is available to the people of the Tidelands region.

Foundation Board

Squeaky Swenson Sharon Abee Bruce Bailey
Squeaky Swenson, chair Sharon Abee Bruce Bailey
Doub Billings Ashley Desmartau Collin Jewell
Doug Billings Ashley DesMarteau Collin Jewell
Tom Marchant Dr Millan Edward Norris
Tom Marchant Dr. Caroline Millan J. Edward Norris
Blayne Perry Dr Pender Brit Rodgers
Blaine Perry Dr. Philip Render Brit Rodgers
Kathryn Schwartz Kevin Strickland Dr. Robert Whitehead
Kathryn Schwartz Kevin Strickland Dr. Robert Whitehead III
Anita Williams
Anita Williams

Foundation Staff

Jessica Sasser Elisa Mullan
Jessica Sasser, executive director Elisa Mullan, development associate