COVID-19 vaccination update

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COVID-19 Vaccination Update

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Thank you for requesting a COVID-19 vaccine from Tidelands Health. Please read the below information carefully for important updates about the timeline for the Phase 1a vaccination rollout, which will likely take many weeks to complete given current vaccine supply.

If you’ve already received your COVID-19 vaccine from another provider, please let us know so we can remove you from our request list. Click here to complete a brief form.

Demand for the vaccine far outpaces available supply. Even if you signed up to receive a vaccine on Jan. 13 -- the first day those 70 and older became eligible -- it may be several weeks before we call you to schedule an appointment because supply is so limited. Keep in mind, nearly 30,000 people submitted a request to Tidelands Health on the first day alone.

What’s occurred thus far

As of Friday, Jan. 29, we had administered the first dose of vaccine to 7,112 individuals 70 and older. We were able to rapidly vaccinate this large number of seniors because of the supply of first doses we had secured in preceding weeks.

What’s occurring now

Like other health care providers, Tidelands Health has largely depleted the inventory of first doses we had on hand. Going forward, the number of first-dose appointments we are able to schedule each week will be based on our weekly shipment of vaccine from the government. For this week, we received just 975 first doses of vaccine. Those 975 doses, coupled with the last remaining inventory we had on hand, will allow us to administer about 2,000 first doses to Phase 1a individuals this week.

We have no guarantee how many first doses we will receive each week going forward. If we continue to receive 975 first doses per week, it will take us many weeks to vaccinate all those on our request list.

We’re calling eligible Phase 1a individuals to schedule appointments in the order requests are received. As a reminder, we will not call you to schedule an appointment until we have a vaccine available for you.

Unfortunately, we can’t give you an exact time when we may call, as the number of appointments we schedule each week is determined by the amount of vaccine we receive from the government. However, we are currently scheduling and vaccinating individuals who submitted their request by 11 a.m. on Jan. 13.

Again, even if you submitted your request the first day, it may be many weeks before we call you to schedule based on available vaccine supply.

Decreased operating hours

Our regional vaccination sites will only operate three days this week because of the limited supply of first doses we received from the government. We will adjust our operating hours week to week based on the number of first doses we receive for that week.

Please DO NOT come to one of our vaccination sites unless you have a scheduled appointment. We cannot accommodate walk-ins.

About second doses

We will continue to administer second doses at our regional vaccination sites each week. Second doses of the vaccine are shipped separately from first doses. The government has assured health care providers we will continue to receive an adequate number of second doses to fully vaccinate all those who receive first doses.

Important information about the scheduling process

While you’re waiting to receive your scheduling call, here’s some important information you need to know.

  • When a vaccine is available for you, we will call you at the telephone number you provided when you completed the online request form. The call you receive may be from a 1-888 number. The caller ID may not say Tidelands Health. Please be sure to answer your phone if at all possible. If you miss the call, we’ll leave a message.
  • We will schedule both your first and second dose when we call. Once an appointment time is made, it cannot be changed. Please make sure the appointment times you schedule work for you.

Before your appointment: Review the FDA fact sheet

Tidelands Health is administering the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. The FDA requires that everyone who receives the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine receive and review a fact sheet. Please carefully review this fact sheet, which contains important information about the vaccine, possible side effects and contraindications. You can view the fact sheet by clicking here. No documentation is required from your doctor to receive the vaccine.

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