Tidelands Health Patient Stories

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Patient Stories

A 100-year-old baby cap knitter. A firefighter fighting for his career. A holiday icon getting back in shape for the big day. These are the stories of your friends and neighbors across the Tidelands region. Hear from the patients of Tidelands Health in their own words.

The Dance Tidelands Health

The Dance

Matt was bound and determined that nothing was going to keep him from delivering on a promise he made his daughter when she was a small girl. The crew at Tidelands NextStep Rehabilitation Services were there to help make good on that promise.


Centering at Tidelands Health

Centered Babies

It's a reunion for new moms at Tidelands Health. These mothers have worked together in a centering program during their pregnancy, now they reunite with their little ones.


Delivering Peace

A Family United

Every day, hospitals see life begin and life end. Recently, caregivers at Tidelands Georgetown Memorial Hospital helped the Casselman family find joy in the midst of sorrow.


Rehab Patient Stories

Standing Strong

They thought they'd never walk again. They didn't think they could bounce back. The experts at Tidelands Waccamaw Rehabilitation Hospital thought differently.


Kitty Nicholson

The Baby Cap Maker

Kitty Nicholson is 101 years old, and she knits a cap for newborns at Tidelands Health every day. But she had never seen a baby wearing one of her caps -- until now.


Jim Duley

The Unbreakable Firefighter

When Jim Duley was injured on the job, he turned to the physical therapy team at Tidelands Nextstep Rehabilitation Services to help him get back to work.


Santa goes to Rehab

Look Who's on the "Nice" List

Santa had a knee replacement and needed to get back in shape for the sleigh. Tidelands Health helped make his Christmas wish come true.