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Breast Cancer Resources

Support and Survivorship

As you or your loved one receives treatment for breast cancer, a support group at Tidelands Health offers encouragement, advice and friendship. Once you complete your treatment, our program can help you stay well physically and emotionally. Check our calendar for upcoming cancer-related classes and events. 

Breast Cancer Risk Assessment

Dr. Mislowksy reviews paperwork. Many risk factors are associated with the development of breast cancer. These include the BRCA-1 and BRCA-2 genes, a prior breast cancer diagnosis, a family history of breast cancer, late first pregnancy, obesity and long-term hormone replacement therapy. The National Cancer Institute assessment tool used to determine an individuals’ risk for developing breast cancer takes into account a woman’s age, race, prior history of cancer and family history. Click here to take the risk assessment.

Learn More

We know you may have many more questions about breast health and breast cancer. For more information, please visit our online health library.

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