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Resident FAQs

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How many residents do you take? 

  • We have eight available positions in each post graduate year.

What are your OB requirements?

  • We require eight weeks of obstetric experience, including prenatal care, labor and delivery and postpartum care. Like all family medicine residency programs, we also require continuity patients, from which you will learn to care for mother and baby throughout the family’s experience.

Will I have to perform research?

  • Yes, but we understand you don’t have a lot of free time for “extra” projects. Our research curriculum is built into our didactics program so you will have dedicated time to develop an idea and see it through to completion.

How much ICU training is included?

  • We offer one month of dedicated ICU training with our critical care physicians. However, we also believe that when a patient is your responsibility, his or her care responsibility extends to time your patient spends in the ICU. As such, you can expect ICU experience during each month of inpatient medicine.

Do you offer global health experiences?

  • Yes, we offer global health opportunities.  We also have funding opportunities that enables residents in our program to participate in these experiences during their residency training.

Do you allow moonlighting?

  • Yes. Residents with a full medical license (PGY2 and above) are permitted to moonlight with the approval of the program director.

Do you accept DO candidates?

  • Yes. We have many DO physicians and gladly accept DO candidates. COMLEX scores may be used in lieu of USMLE scores and will be evaluated in a comparable fashion.

Do you accept foreign medical school graduates?

  • Yes. We accept international medical graduates, but unfortunately are NOT able to sponsor J-1 or H 1-B visas at this time. We have the following requirements for your application to be considered:
  • If you are a current student in a non-LCME accredited school:
    • You must be ECFMG eligible
    • You must have a minimum USMLE score of 196 with no failed attempts
  • If you are a graduate of a non-LCME accredited school:
    • You must be ECFMG certified
    • You must be within two years of graduation from medical school
    • You must have a minimum USMLE score of 196 with no failed attempts