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Building Resilience

Building Resilience

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The demands of medical residency are well documented. We've built into our family medicine residency program learning opportunities and stress-relieving outlets to help our students recognize and combat the stressors that can accompany rewarding residency study. We call our program Building Resilience. 

a diagram showing the building resilience circle.Think of it as the body, mind and spirit program. Building Resilience focuses on resident well-being and learning a healthy work-life balance through good nutrition, proper sleep, exercise, meditation and relaxation. This curriculum is woven into much of your residency experience -- in the classroom, during rotation and in team-building time.

Participation in the program is voluntary. On the first day, all residents are provided a fitness tracker and a membership to Tidelands HealthPoint Center for Health and Fitness. Every Thursday, a trainer will lead an hour-long workout, and additional classes in yoga and meditation are offered.

Building resilience means building strength -- professional, physical, psychological and social.

Program Goals

1. Increase awareness of the importance of a balanced life that can be achieved in residency and carried forward to increasing satisfaction with practice.

2. Provide support and resources to establish lifelong habits of personal health, including understanding and recognition of distress and resources available.

3. Build team solidarity, connectedness and cohesiveness between faculty and residents.

4. Improve learning efficiency via exercise.

5. Help residents better understand issues and challenges involving prevention and healthy lifestyles in working with patients.

6. Build skills in residents to mitigate burnout and increase well-being — mindfulness, communications, meditation, etc.