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About The Residency Program

Our Residency Program

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Our Program

Trio of Physicians.A Partnership

We expect a lot of our residents, and in turn, we believe you should have high expectations of us. Residents, program staff and faculty have a compact of responsibilities and expectations to guide their actions.

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The Tidelands Health MUSC Family Medicine Residency Program is a new, innovative, community-based unopposed residency program with eight residents each year.

We offer broad spectrum instruction and clinical opportunity in family medicine. You will hone your practitioner skills in a variety of clinical settings across a multigenerational spectrum of patients. And as you learn, you will have all the resources of an academic center within a vibrant coastal community.

Built into our curriculum is comprehensive training in leadership skills that can help you become a transformational health care leader. We also have valuable instruction to help you learn an appropriate work-life balance -- so you will remember to take care of yourself as you take care of others.

As you are learning what you need to become a trusted family medicine physician, you will be gaining important additional skills that will serve you well during your medical career.

Your Residency Partners

Tidelands Health is the largest health care provider in the Tidelands region of South Carolina. Our not-for-profit health system includes four hospitals – two acute-care hospitals and two inpatient rehabilitation hospitals – as well as more than 60 outpatient locations. Here, we serve a diverse population. Our hospitals have an average daily census of 150 patients, and our Tidelands Community Care Network provides the Tidelands region with a much-needed health care safety net for the uninsured and underinsured. All of these parts of the organization are participating training sites, and some rotations are offered at the Medical University of South Carolina in nearby Charleston.

Tidelands Health's unique partnership with MUSC will enable us to recruit and educate aspiring physicians for years to come, with the ultimate goal of retaining physicians to serve our local and regional communities and enhance our patient care services.

Drs. Wood and Harmon on an airplane

A resident in the capitol

Tidelands Health MUSC Family Medicine Resident Dr. Carrie Wood joined Tidelands Health family physician Dr. Gerald Harmon on a flight to Columbia to participate in the "Doctor of the Day" program. Read more about the program they attended on

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You Receive Care, Too

We want to make sure our residents are cared for while learning to care for others. Our family medicine residency program includes a wellness component focused on the body and the mind. We work with our residents to make sure you are maintaining a good work-life balance that includes proper sleep, manageable stress levels and time for yourself.

A red chair sits on the beach holding a Tidelands Health physician jacket and a stethoscope

Building Resilience

Our family medicine residency center will include a garden and a meditation labyrinth. Residents can dig in the garden to ease body and mind and grow fruits and vegetables for themselves and our community. In the labyrinth, contemplative time can be spent helping restore the spirit.

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Residents in our program receive a complimentary membership to the health system’s health and fitness center – Tidelands HealthPoint Center for Health and Fitness. Residents also receive a fitness tracking device. We want to help you meet the demands of residency without burning the candle at both ends.

Learn more about our Building Resilience program.

Transformational Leadership

In the rapidly changing world of health care, every physician should have a good understanding of the leadership skills required to run an effective practice or in any leadership capacity throughout your career.

Unlike many other programs, our residency program has a three-year focus on leadership training. Residents will learn the ins and outs of how a health system functions through project-based learning in:

  • Lean operation and the Six Sigma model of operational improvement
  • The patient experience
  • Leadership skills

Learn more about our Physician Leadership program.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to provide educational programs to address:

Patient Safety

  • We provide opportunities for our residents to participate in interprofessional teams that promote and enhance safe care in a community hospital setting.

Continuous Quality Improvement

A pushpin in a map.

A Growth Hub

The Tidelands Health MUSC Family Medicine Residency Program is located in one of the fastest growing areas in the country. The U.S. Census Bureau has identified Myrtle Beach as the second fastest growing market in the country. And South Carolina is a leading growth state.

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  • We will use data to improve patient outcomes, reduce health care disparities and enhance systems of care.

Leadership Development and Professionalism

  • Physician training is a lifelong skill improvement process. Our program aims to develop and empower resident physicians to see themselves as healers and as the next generation of health care leaders. The goal is to develop a generation of physicians who are patient-centered, community health advocates and leaders in continuing the evolution of health care.

Learning Environment

  • Tidelands Health commits to creating, supporting and facilitating a positive and productive learning environment for residents, staff, patients, learners and teachers. This environment will support learning innovation, growth, respect, collegiality, kindness and cooperation among health care team members, while supporting diversity and inclusion, professionalism and the habit of lifelong learning.

We will provide graduate education programs that will enable physicians to develop personal, clinical and professional competence under the guidance and supervision of the faculty and staff. The program faculty will help ensure patients receive safe, appropriate and humane care by resident physicians. Resident physicians will gradually assume responsibilities for patient care based on each trainee’s demonstrated clinical competence. We further commit to conduct these programs in compliance with the institutional and specific requirements of the ACGME, the Joint Commission and in accordance with all applicable federal and state laws and regulation.