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Post-COVID-19 Recovery Program

Post Covid 19 Recovery Program

Although many people recover fully from COVID-19 within a week or two, some people continue to suffer from lingering symptoms for weeks or even months after their initial infection.

Post Covid

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If you are experiencing lingering effects from a COVID-19 infection, the Tidelands Health Post-COVID-19 Recovery Program can help. Our program is open to anyone whose symptoms have persisted for at least three weeks since their initial COVID-19 diagnosis.

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So-called “long-haulers” often struggle to return to work or resume favorite activities because of continued joint pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, memory loss and chronic cough, among other symptoms.

At Tidelands Health, our region’s leader in COVID-19 response, we’re here to help. Through our Post-COVID-19 Recovery Program, we offer a patient-centered, multidisciplinary approach designed to help you overcome continued COVID-19 symptoms and get back to the lifestyle you enjoyed before your illness.

You’ll benefit from Tidelands Health specialists in primary care, cardiology, neurosciences, pulmonology, digestive health, rehabilitation and more working together for your health.

And, when you choose Tidelands Health, our region’s MUSC Health affiliate, you’ll have seamless access to leading subspecialists at one of the nation’s top academic medical centers if needed.


The Tidelands Health Post-COVID-19 Recovery Program is open to anyone whose symptoms have persisted for at least three weeks since their initial COVID-19 diagnosis.

Multidisciplinary approach

Through the Tidelands Health Post-COVID-19 Recovery Program, you’ll benefit from a multidisciplinary care team that offers you an integrated, personalized approach to treatment.

Your care team will be led by a primary care physician, who will complete a thorough physical exam and review your COVID-19 history to help determine the best approach to resolving your symptoms. In addition, a care navigator will coordinate your care and serve as a resource for education and support.

Depending on your symptoms and specific needs, members of your care team may include:

Cardiologist: COVID-19 can damage the heart and impact heart function. Our experienced, knowledgeable heart and vascular team will take the time to understand your unique needs, give clear answers to your questions and fully explain your recommended treatment.

Lung and respiratory specialist: Our medical staff includes physicians who are board-certified in pulmonary medicine, meaning they have training in advanced treatments for your lungs to help address any respiratory difficulties you may be experiencing.

Neurologist: Many people struggle with mental fatigue, memory loss, confusion, difficulty focusing and other cognitive symptoms following COVID-19. At Tidelands Health, our region’s MUSC Health affiliate, you’ll find a neurosciences team that is committed to providing you with high-quality, compassionate care that’s focused on your individual needs.

Nutritionist: Good nutrition is important to optimize your well-being during treatment. Our nutritionist can work with you to make sure your diet is providing proper nutrition to fuel your recovery.

Rehabilitation therapist: COVID-19 can negatively impact your balance, strength and endurance. The Stronger After COVID-19 Rehabilitation Program offered through Tidelands Health Rehabilitation Services, our region’s largest network of outpatient rehabilitation services, offers specialized physical, occupational and speech therapy to help patients overcome the lingering effects of a COVID-19 infection.

COVID-19 Long-Haulers

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