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Visitor Information

Tidelands health visitation guidelines have changed

In response to increasing COVID-19 spread in the region, Tidelands Health has adjusted its hospital visitation guidelines. We are implementing additional restrictions to help limit any potential spread of COVID-19 as cases and hospitalizations in the region increase dramatically, fueled by the Delta variant.

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Tidelands Health is committed to providing a safe, accessible, effective and efficient environment of care for each of our patients, visitors and personnel in accordance with our mission and services. Our volunteer staff is available to help you find your way around our hospitals.

Visitor Badge

When you visit our hospitals, please go first to the welcome desk/security desk near the main entrance. You will be asked to provide the name of the patient you are visiting and will be given a visitor badge to wear during your visit.  

Help Us Provide a Healing Environment

Please do not visit patients if you have a cold, fever, nausea, vomiting, cough or diarrhea or if you have been ill within the last 48 hours. If you visit an inpatient who has flu-like symptoms, you will be required to wear a mask and/or gown during the visit. If you have visited a patient requiring these precautions, please do not visit other patients in the hospital.

It's Healthy to be Tobacco-Free

For the health and safety of our patients, visitors and employee partners, all Tidelands Health properties are tobacco-free. The use of all tobacco products is prohibited.

The HUSH Initiative – Help Us Support Healing

Research indicates noise can have a negative impact on the healing process, contributing to sleep loss, elevated blood pressure, exhaustion and prolonged hospitalization. To promote a healing environment, Tidelands Health has introduced several noise reduction measures throughout our hospitals.

We respectfully ask that employee partners, patients and visitors keep their noise level to a minimum.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we provide a safe, healing place for our patients.