Standard Charges

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Standard Charges

The Tidelands Health charge description master document, or CDM, lists each service our health system may provide depending on your condition and what your care provider may order. You will see a code (HCPCS or CPT) for each individual item, if applicable, and the associated charge listed on the CDM. The charge for an individual CDM item will always be the same for all patients.

Total charges, or what are commonly referred to as “gross charges,” are the sum of the charges for all CDM items utilized during an individual hospital stay or outpatient visit with Tidelands Health. The amount you owe will depend on the contractual agreement your health insurance plan has with the health system.

If requested, Tidelands Health will provide you with a service estimate. To provide this estimate, we will need your procedure documentation. This documentation is normally provided to you by your care provider.

Click here to download the CDM.

Click here to access a statewide database of hospital charges.