HealthPoint Center for Health and Fitness Converts Pool to Salt System

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Published on February 23, 2007

HealthPoint Center for Health and Fitness Converts Pool to Salt System

Friday, February 23, 2007

Pawleys Island, SC - HealthPoint Center for Health and Fitness, has announced plans to convert to a new pool sanitation system designed to eliminate the potential for burning eyes, skin irritation and unpleasant smells sometimes caused by chlorine pool sanitation products.

HealthPoint, a member of the Georgetown Hospital Family, will be converting its sanitation system for three indoor pools to one that substitutes sanitizing salt for chlorine. The new system, Ecolab’s Pure Comfort, has the same sanitizing effect of chlorine but without hard water, skin irritation and that unique chlorine smell. The new sanitation process means pool users will enjoy fully sanitized pools affording the therapeutic benefits of mild salt water without harsh irritants associated with chlorination.

“This system is a great and effective way to sanitize pool water,” says Kevin Conlon, Director of HealthPoint - Center for Health and Fitness, “The saline system eliminates the necessity to receive, move and store chlorine on site. The salt goes into the water at a very low level, and an electronic process in the pump room converts the salt to chlorine.”

According to Conlon, the treated water resulting from the saline system is very different from traditionally chlorinated pools. The major benefit is that the water feels softer and is safer for skin and lungs.

The change from chlorine to salt sanitation will coincide with the implementation of a secondary water-quality monitoring program, Conlon added.

“By using the Ecolab system, we are connected to a national database that remotely monitors water quality every 15 minutes and keeps a computerized record of each measurement for a year,” said Joe Lane, Pool Supervisor at HealthPoint. “If the pool goes out of balance on any test, the results are reported locally. While all three pools will continued to monitored on site at HealthPoint, the secondary monitoring system will provide greater stability,” Lane added.

The new salt sanitation system will involve additions to existing equipment. The change will take place over several days. The pools will be open and operating throughout the process, and users won’t be aware of a difference except for the ultimate change in the quality of the water.

As an incentive, HealthPoint is offering a chance to come and experience our high-quality pools. Call or visit HealthPoint for a free “pool trial” day, and experience our spa-like pools.

For more information about pool improvements or facility services, please contact HealthPoint at 237-2205.


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