Care at The Market Common

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Care at The Market Common

Tidelands Health Medical Park at The Market Common with a physician

At Tidelands Health, we deeply value the opportunity to help people live better lives through better health. That’s the mission of our health system.

That’s also why we’ve committed to the new Tidelands Health Medical Park at The Market Common. It’s a project that will have a meaningful impact on our community by improving access to high-quality care.

When our state-of-the-art facility opens in late summer 2019, the three-story, 65,000-square-foot building will provide convenient access to a broad range of care under one roof. See your family doctor, medical specialists and get the lab work, imaging and physical therapy you need all in the same building, close to home.

Primary care: Primary care physicians serve as a long-term partner in your health care journey. The new Tidelands Health Medical Park will feature a family medicine practice to support your primary care needs.

Rehabilitation Services: Tidelands Health is one of the largest providers of rehabilitation services in South Carolina. Enjoy ready access to physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy at the new Tidelands Health Medical Park.

Pain Management: Pain can make even the most basic activities and movements difficult. But the caring pain management specialists at Tidelands Health Pain Management Services can help relieve you of discomfort. The opening of the new Tidelands Health Medical Park will make access to those services easier and more convenient for residents of the surrounding area.

Laboratory services: Laboratory testing can provide a window into your overall health and serve as an essential tool in diagnosing your medical condition. The laboratory team at Tidelands Health Medical Park will work with your physician throughout the testing process so you benefit from closely coordinated care.

Orthopedics: Tidelands Health is a leader in orthopedic care. When your bones, joints or muscles hurt, you’ll have convenient access to our orthopedic team close to home at the new Tidelands Health Medical Park.

Cardiology: At Tidelands Health, we offer an extensive array of heart and vascular services designed to keep your cardiovascular system as healthy as possible. We’ll be expanding the reach of those services by offering cardiology care at the new Tidelands Health Medical Park.

Gastroenterology: Good digestive health can play a central role in your quality of life and overall health. If you experience stomach pains, bowel issues or other digestive challenges, you’ll be able to benefit from the expertise of the Tidelands Health gastroenterology team at the new Tidelands Health Medical Park.

Radiology: The ability to see inside your body using imaging can help your physician detect, diagnose and treat your medical condition. At Tidelands Health Medical Park, you’ll benefit from advanced imaging technology within easy reach of your home.

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