Healthy Conversations

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Healthy Conversations

Let's have a healthy conversation

Healthy Conversations is our program of provider presentations, professional-led discussions and fun health-related activities. You can schedule our medical professionals to talk about topics of interest or to lead energizing and engaging activities.

We require four weeks advance notice to plan an event.

If you would like more information about Healthy Conversations, please contact Laura Carmine at

Here are our available topics:

Is it Skin Cancer?

Living in a sunny climate means we should all be more aware about skin cancer.  Dr. William Epperson will provide skin cancer screenings for sun exposed areas at no cost.

Healthy Joints as We Age

Using 3D joint models, we’ll show you how your joints work and discuss the options you have to reduce pain to keep enjoying an active lifestyle.

The Gut Microbiome and How to Make It Work for You

We all have healthy bacteria in our intestines. Learn what it can do for you.

The Many Impacts of Dementia

This discussion includes education about the different stages of dementia and provides helpful coping strategies for caregivers.

Oh, My Aching Feet

Don't let foot pain sideline you from what you enjoy. Learn how to combat common foot issues.

Stand Tall and Prevent a Fall

As we age, falls are an increasing risk in our lives. Learn about balance and how to reduce the risk of falls in your home. This Healthy Conversation includes a self-assessment to determine your risk for falls.

Is the Room Spinning?

Dizziness is another condition we can experience more as we age. Increase your knowledge about what causes dizziness and vertigo.

All About Parkinson’s

Learn about the stages of Parkinson’s and how to delay its progression through physical and mental activities.

Improving Your Memory

We’ve all had the experience when we can’t remember a word or a name. Learn what it normal memory lapse and what is not. This Healthy Conversation includes tips for improving your memory skills.

Being Your Physician’s Partner

Hear advice from a family physician, including how to make the most of the time you have with your doctor.

Couch to 5K: How to Get Started

Go from couch potato to a 5K marathon runner with these step-by-step instructions that can help transform your thinking about exercise, no matter your age.

If Sitting Is the New Smoking, It's Time to Deskercise

Don't let having a desk job be your excuse for not staying limber. We'll have tips for overcoming the health issues related to a sedentary desk job.

The Power of Vitamin D and the Sun

How much is too much? Learn why we all need vitamin D and how not to overdo it.

How Do I Know When To Visit a Doctor?

What signs and symptoms should send you to the doctor right away? Learn the messages your body is sending and when to do something about them.

What is Abdominal Pelvic Health?

It’s time for a frank discussion about urinary incontinence, constipation and other pelvic health issues. Learn how to deal with these issues to improve your quality of life.

Live to be 100

Learn what we should all know to live a long, healthy life.

Life After Menopause

During this discussion, we provide guidance to help navigate this life change.

Understanding Women’s Health

Women of all ages have specific health needs at every stage of life. Learn the facts about women’s health care from adolescence to childbearing years and beyond.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Cholesterol

Plain talk and realistic visual displays of artery-clogging cholesterol. Learn about your risk for heart disease.

The Diabetes Tsunami-How To Not Catch the Next Wave

Diabetes is a leading health risk in our region. Learn from diabetes experts about tips for translating complicated nutrition recommendations into practical tips for everyday eating.

Living Well

An important discussion about how to plan your future health care decisions, including your life goals, values and preferences. Learn about advance care planning from those who know.

Bye Bye Weight-How To Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Learn from a dietitian to achieve a healthy weight and keep it. Embrace the joy of living with healthy lifestyle changes that fit into your life and lead you to a happier you.

Our Emotional Health and Coping with Stress

Our emotions are a part of our health and need our attention. Learning to care for your emotional health can help you better manage medical conditions and life and family challenges.

Sleep-Why It’s Important and How to Know What You Need

How well do you sleep? Are you sleepy during the day? Do you or your spouse snore? Learn how to improve your sleep. This Healthy Conversation includes the opportunity to take a sleep apnea risk assessment test.

Be Strong, Be Fit

Wear loose fitting comfortable clothing and be ready to move. Learn proper stretching and exercise that can help improve flexibility and core strength.

From A to Zinc

Learn about the value of supplements and how they can play a role in your balanced diet.

Fight Back Against Back Pain

Learn easy pain management strategies for chronic back pain, plus see how proper posture can lead to less discomfort.

Take Heart

This conversation can save a life. Learn how to recognize a heart attack and how to administer hands-only CPR.

The Importance of Having a Primary Care Provider

Learn why we all need a PCP and how to select the one that’s right for you.

High Five for Better Hand Health

Injuries or arthritis of the hand can make it more difficult to do everyday tasks. Learn therapy techniques to bring relief.

Extend Your Life Through Activity

Physical inactivity is the fourth leading risk factor for mortality worldwide. Understand the stages of behavioral changes that affect us and how to design an activity plan that works for you.

Are You Up To Par?

Learn how to get the most out of your golf game through golf conditioning. This discussion involves swinging demonstrations.

Step It Up

Enjoy a mile-long walk led by a Tidelands Health provider who will discuss a health topic during the walk.

Poly prescriptions- Maybe Less IS Best

“Poly” means many, but too many medications aren’t always what the doctor ordered. A Tidelands Health pharmacist will discuss his perspective on the benefits and dangers of taking multiple medications.

Conquering Pain

Is pain interfering with your life? A Tidelands Health Pain Management provider will discuss alternatives to help you conquer pain.

Employee Safety and Body Mechanics

Unsafe practices on the job lead to employee injuries and contribute to lost wages and productivity. A Tidelands Health employee safety expert will demonstrate safe mechanics to help ensure safety on the job.

Cancer-What Are the Warning Signs and How To Prevent It

An oncology provider will share the warning signs of various types of cancer and measures that are believed to keep certain cancers at bay.

Overcoming Grief

As we mature, we experience illness and death of family members and friends. Learn how to still experience joy during times of grief.

Cooking For One or Two

Learn tips for good healthy meals for one of two of you.

Caring For the Caregiver

The responsibilities of caring for someone you love can be complex and exhausting. Learn the dynamics of care-giving and how to help yourself or someone else going through this challenging time.

Understanding Addiction and How It Affects So Many

Addiction touches so many lives and is greatly misunderstood. Learn the truth about addiction and what we can do to help others and our community.