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Your donations support a wide range of important initiatives at Tidelands Health.

The Tidelands Health Foundation has become a vital source of financial support for programs, equipment and outreach efforts. Your support will ensure our care continues to grow even stronger for generations to come.

You can designate your donation to one of the following funds:

Campaign for Our Community

The Tidelands Health Foundation is committed to raising $5 million to support expansions and improvements in Tidelands Health neuroscience services, pediatric rehabilitation services and cancer services to continue to improve patient experience. Tremendous growth in our area has created additional demand for these services. Support for the campaign also helps fund the McRoy and Jo Skipper Initiative for Learn and Teaching, which is dedicated to professional development, education and training for health care professionals in our region.

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Tidelands Community Care Network

Access to care is our priority at the Tidelands Health. The Tidelands Community Care Network helps identify, promote and link under and uninsured patients to affordable and available medical homes, behavioral health, dental and specialty care services. Tidelands Community Care also helps overcome barriers such as transportation and costly prescription medications. Through the Tidelands Health Foundation, several health care funds have been established that are central to providing greater access to the services that can make a difference in the lives of the medically uninsured and underserved of Georgetown and Horry counties.

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The McRoy and Jo Skipper Initiative for Learning and Teaching

The McRoy and Jo Skipper Initiative for Learning and Teaching supports the education and training of current and future health care professionals. By giving to the McRoy and Jo Skipper Initiative for Learning and Teaching, you can have an impact on the future of health care in our region.

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The Francis B. Ford Nursing and Allied Health Education Fund

The Francis B. Ford Nursing and Allied Health Education Fund strives, as it's primary goal, to support education, training and the certification of dedicated employee partners serving the community in a clinical role. This fund honors the memory of the late Mr. Francis B. "Jeep" Ford. 

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Cancer Care Fund

When cancer strikes financial resources are the first obstacle to receiving treatment. The Cancer Care Fund helps ensure that our neighbors in need have access to care they deserve. 

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Breast Care Fund

This fund was developed to assist disadvantaged women and men in the Tidelands Health service area who cannot afford necessary health screenings such as mammograms and other clinical breast examinations.

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Community Health Education

This fund provides support for patients needing education on managing their chronic illness or disease.

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Patient Transportation Fund

This fund was established to help patients with no means of transportation receive treatment at Tidelands Health facilities.

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Pharmaceutical Fund

This fund assists uninsured patients receive medications necessary for their recovery.

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Pediatric Rehabilitation Services

This fund provides assistance to uninsured or underinsured children in our community so they can receive the therapy services they need in order to avoid developmental delay and/or disability.

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Tidelands Health Employee Relief Fund

This fund is established to support Tidelands Health employees who are facing difficult times and are in financial need.

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Lights of Love

Remember or honor someone special this holiday season through Tidelands Health Lights of Love. For a minimum $10 tax-deductible donation for each honoree, we will illuminate a light on a tree at Tidelands Georgetown Memorial Hospital, Tidelands Waccamaw Community Hospital or Tidelands Health Medical Park at The Market Common. 

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Unrestricted Fund

This fund is used to assist Tidelands Health in the greatest area of need.

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