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Our Mission,Vision and Purpose

A photo depicting a mother with a young child and our mission vision and purpose statements.

At Tidelands Health, we believe better health is the foundation to living a better life. When we are healthy, we are able to live life to its fullest – enjoying our family, our friends, our community and our home.

That’s why our health system’s employee, physician and volunteer partners are united in a shared mission, a forward-thinking vision and a common purpose.

Our Mission

We help people live better lives through better health.

Our Vision

We will be our region's first choice for health and wellness.

Our Purpose

Better health begins here.

For all of us, these words are a call to action. They remind us why our work matters – to every person and every family we touch each day. And they assure our community we will be here when you need us – your partner in health, in healing, in wellness and in a better life.

Our Mission In Action

The Dance

A still image from the video The Dance.When Matt Willette was diagnosed with the rare disease, hashimoto encephalitis, he was afraid he'd never fulfill the promise he made his daughter years before. Tidelands Health Rehabilitation Services was there to make sure he could -- and so began the dance.

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Once Bitten

A picture of the featured story with Steve Connair.On a "Swamp Fox" tour in Georgetown, Steve Connair and his wife found themselves in a battle of their own. A mysterious insect bite caused an infection that, if left untreated, could have cost Steve his life. Dr. Charles Duncan and Tidelands Georgetown Memorial Hospital were on a mission to bring him safely "out of the woods."

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Ramping Up Efforts

Scott Christman and Tidelands Health are posed beside the ramp they helped build.Scott Christman had lost both of his legs due to Type 1 diabetes, and Hurricane Matthew had just damaged his home. He needed a ramp to improve the accessibility of his home, but financial woes made that impossible. Fortunately, Scott had an unforeseen friend. Tidelands Health Rehabilitation Services partnered with Coastal Structures Corp. to help Scott get back on track.

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Right Place, Right Time

A still image of the story from HealthPoint's lifesaving staff.Michael Coward joined Tidelands HealthPoint to regain his strength following open-heart surgery. It was a decision that ultimately helped save his life. After a Michael suffered a heart attack, Tidelands HealthPoint exercise physiologist Richard Morris took action.

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