Social Distancing

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Social Distancing

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How social distancing saves lives

“By slowing the spread of the virus, we can avoid a repeat of what’s occurred in Italy.”

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At Tidelands Health, we’re imploring community members to maintain a distance of at least six feet from others and minimize personal contact by limiting travel, avoiding gatherings of people and taking other steps.

Called social distancing, the practice is proven to slow pandemics. It reduces the overall spread of illness and provides the medical community with the time and resources to treat everyone who seeks care.

Everyone needs to practice social distancing, even people who aren’t ill or at high risk for complications from coronavirus, because anyone can spread the illness — including people with mild or no symptoms.

The health system’s effort to raise awareness about the importance of social distancing aligns with recommendations from the federal government developed to help slow the spread of the coronavirus and prevent the types of infection spikes that have overwhelmed medical care in Italy, China and other countries.

As we encourage the community to practice social distancing, we are also implementing multiple surge strategies at our inpatient and outpatient locations to increase the organization’s capacity to care for critically ill patients. For more information on those efforts, click here.

For information about the many other efforts underway at Tidelands Health to respond to the coronavirus, go here.