Thank You to our Sewing Volunteers

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Thank You to our Sewing Volunteers

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Retrofit respirators

‘People are just amazing’

Retrofitted respirators buoy Tidelands Health care team.

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What an overwhelming response! We are truly blessed.

Thanks to an outpouring of community support, the need for volunteers to help with our N95 sewing initiative has been met.

We offer a heartfelt thank you to the more than 2,000 volunteers who are helping with this important initiative. With every stitch, you are helping keep our front-line health care providers and patients safe as we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tara Grinna donates time and elastic

Tara Grinna Swim & Resort Wear responded to our respirator sewing appeal in a big way. The company generously reopened its factory, organized volunteers and donated thousands of yards of elastic to retrofit 35,000 N95 respirators that will be used to protect our team members and patients in the fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Sew Much Support

Sew much support: N95 initiative comes to fitting close

Talk about putting free time to good use.
Nearly every day over the past two weeks, Kaili Yang has followed a similar routine. In the morning, she has left her Myrtle Beach home for Murrells Inlet to pick up boxes of N95 respirators from Tidelands Health.

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