Tidelands HealthPoint Group Exercise Classes

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Group Exercise Classes

An open exercise class floor.

Group exercise can provide a built-in support system to keep you motivated. Plus, group classes are a lot of fun! At Tidelands HealthPoint Center for Health and Fitness, classes range from traditional favorites like yoga and spinning to new options such as Xtreme4 intensive cardio.

Class Descriptions


Get your cardio, strength and core workout all in one hour with this class that consists of a repeating pattern of three minutes of cardio followed by two minutes of strength and one minute of abdominal/lower back exercises.

Body Works

Tone and define your whole body with this strength training class that uses dumbbells, body bars and bender balls. This class will also challenge your core and balance.

Body Works Plus

Tone and define your whole body with strengthening exercises and cardio intervals.


This class combines the elements of ballet with fitness. Get that long lean body in this class. Light weights and small balls are used.

Boot Camp

Increase your workout intensity with this mix of tabata intervals, conditioning drills and core work that will have you using muscles you didn’t know you had.

Cardio Fusion

This class combines cardiovascular exercises and strength training for the ultimate workout.

Cardio Kick

This class incorporates punches, kicks and drills for a challenging and fun workout.


Enjoy 15 minutes of core exercises to help strengthen and tone your middle.

Core Yoga

Gain flexibility, balance and stability with this yoga class that incorporates postures aimed at creating balance and strength throughout the body, emphasizing the core area.

Dance to be Fit

Dance it out freestyle to a variety of songs and dances that will surely elevate your heart rate and get you ready for the weekend.

Interval Circuit

This high-intensity class mixes cardio and strength training. With a fast pace and lots of variety, this class gives you the highest caloric burn in one hour.

Mixed Flow Yoga

This class is a mixture of Vinyasa-style flow yoga, focusing on posture, alignment, balance and strengthening while incorporating breath, meditation and relaxation.


Using breathing techniques, core conditioning and body awareness, Pilates is a safe and highly effective way to stretch, strengthen and streamline your body without building bulk or stressing your joints. A Pilates workout is performed on a mat and may incorporate bands and balls to increase workout intensity.

Power Through Parkinson's 

Power Through Parkinson's with this boxing-inspired, full-body class.  Not a boxer? You don't need to be. Come join the fun, challenge yourself and GET MOVING!  Note: There is a fee for this class and registration is required. Please contact the team at the front desk for further details.


Enjoy the muscle sculpting of Pilates combined with the strength and flexibility of yoga. This amped-up version of both creates a heart-pumping workout.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a therapeutic style of yoga that bolsters, blocks, blankets, straps and eye bags, to support your body while gently holding basic floor yoga postures to allow for gentle stretching and total relaxation. This class is for everyone. Whether you're winding down from your busy day, recovering from an injury or just seeking to relax, this class is restful, opening and rejuvenating.

Simply Step

Step up your workout with this class. Enjoy step aerobics designed for any level.

Sit and be Fit

Improve strength with this low-intensity class that consists of a variety of sculpting exercises and stretching using a chair.


This is a highly motivating class utilizing a specially designed stationary bike. You will be coached and inspired by music as you ride through a series of terrains and unique settings. This class will challenge the body and refresh the mind.

Total Body

This overall body workout emphasizes aerobics, balance and strength.


Take your workout up a notch with this interval class that incorporates the portable TRX Suspension Trainer to perform challenging body weight exercises that build power, strength, flexibility, balance and mobility, all at the intensity you choose.


Take your workout to the next level with intense cardio intervals and upper body, lower body and core strengthening exercises.

Yoga 1

This class uses various poses to increase strength and flexibility. Yoga is also great for decreasing stress and increasing relaxation. Try this slightly amped up version of gentle stretches, breathing techniques, supported postures and meditation.


This is an exciting fusion of Latin and international music styles to create an energizing and fun aerobic workout.

Zumba Gold

Enjoy the international music styles of Zumba but at a lower intensity option.