Tidelands HealthPoint Clinical Conditioning

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Clinical Conditioning

Several photos depicting the clinical conditioning opportunites of Tidelands HealthPoint.

Tidelands HealthPoint’s Clinical Conditioning Program is designed to help cardiac, pulmonary and cancer patients

A Life Saved at Tidelands HealthPoint

Find out how training and luck combined to help one man survive a heart attack at our region’s only medical fitness center. 

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cope with the symptoms of their conditions by improving cardiovascular fitness and quality of life through exercise and education.

Our team of professionals offers classes, lectures, and seminars promoting healthy living, well-being, and preventive measures to decrease risk of disease along with adapting to lifestyle changes.

Exercise sessions are offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Participants are closely monitored for oxygen saturation, heart rate, and blood pressure. Ask your doctor if this program in appropriate for your.