Tidelands HealthPoint Aquatic Programs

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Aquatic Programs

The Tidelands HealthPoint swimming pool.

At Tidelands HealthPoint Center for Health and Fitness, we offer an extensive schedule of aquatic programs and classes. Take advantage of our indoor lap pool and warm-water exercise pool to experience the positive difference water can make in your exercise routine. Choose from a selection of classes designed to address specific fitness needs and levels.

Private Swimming Lessons

We also offer private swimming lessons for adults of all ages. Learn to overcome your fear of the water with one-on-one lessons from a certified instructor. Our instructors will work with you to set up a convenient day and time that fits your schedule.

Private Swimming Lessons Prices

Private swimming lessons come in packages of one or six.

Member One lesson - $30 Six lessons - $160
Non-member One lesson - $35 Six lessons - $185

Tidelands HealthPoint Pool
Class Descriptions

Lite Water Aerobics

Get an early start with a morning class designed to increase your range and flexibility.

Aqua Fitness

Want to get a great workout without stressing your joints? This class combines heart-pumping aerobics with strength training using various equipment. Water shoes are recommended but not required.


This arthritis specialty class is designed to meet the needs of individuals with arthritis and other joint disorders. Exercises performed in this class can help relieve pain and stiffness by concentrating on joint range of motion and flexibility.

Tidelands HealthPoint Pool

Tides Swim Teams

Tidelands HealthPoint offers several swim teams to get your aquatic skills in peak performance. These teams are offered in sessions, with each session lasting three months. To learn more about the next session schedule, contact Tidelands HealthPoint's aquatic staff at 843-237-2205 ext. 7.

Mini Tides

For children ages 7 years and under

Swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards on their stomach and back using any technique.


For children ages 8 years and older

Swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards freestyle and 25 yards backstroke with proper technique

Advanced Tides

For children ages 11-18 years

Swimmers must be able to swim 100 yards of each stroke and have swimming experience.

Adult Swim Team

Free to members age 18 years and up

On this team, swimmers learn to improve endurance and speed and maintain proper technique on all strokes.

Tidelands HealthPoint Pool

Group Swimming Lessons

Water and swimming are part of life in our coastal community.Learning swim basics is important for all residents -- especially families with children. Tidelands HealthPoint Center for Health and Fitness offers children's swimming lessons for all levels. We also offer a children's swim program that helps younger swimmers maintain their skills year-round.

Swimming Lessons Levels

Water Tots

For children ages 6 months to 3 years

Parent-assisted class intended to orient parents and children to a safe and fun swimming experience. Instruction includes basic water skills, preliminary stages of kicking and arm action, floating and submersion.

Preschool Puddlers

For children ages 3-5 years

This beginner to intermediate level class introduces preschoolers to the first stages of swimming. Instruction includes the introduction of breath control and submersion along with floating and gliding. Kicking and arm action will also be introduced.

School-age Surfers

For children ages 6 years and older

This beginner to intermediate level class helps children grow in their swimming skills and understanding of water safety. Instruction includes breath control, submersion, floating, gliding and treading water. This class also introduces stroke techniques.