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Wound Care

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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If your body needs help healing a wound, you may be a candidate for painless hyperbaric oxygen therapy – or HBOT – that increases the amount of oxygen in your blood. At Tidelands Health, you’ll find this advanced treatment right here in your community, close to home. 

What You Can Expect From HBOT

Before your first HBOT session, a health care professional will guide you through an orientation session, discuss how many treatments you may need and answer your questions. We’ll help you feel comfortable with your care plan. 

During treatment, you’ll lie on a soft bed inside a large, clear, acrylic shell and breathe pure oxygen. The air inside your chamber is under higher-than-normal pressure, which helps your blood carry more oxygen to heal your wound. You’ll likely feel at ease during HBOT, but if you need help relaxing, your physician can prescribe a sedative for you.

Each HBOT session lasts about two hours. During that time, you can watch a movie, listen to music or just rest. 

Support and Supervision

Throughout each treatment, you can talk to a technician who stays nearby to answer your questions and tend to your needs. A physician supervises your therapy, and all our HBOT medical professionals follow strict rules to help ensure your safety.

If your loved ones accompany you to our treatment facility, they’ll wait in a comfortable room until you complete your therapy session.

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