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Tidelands Health Neurological Rehabilitation Center

A Tidelands NextStep Neuro physical therapist assists a patiet with equipment.

If you’ve experienced a brain or spinal cord injury, everyday tasks like walking, getting dressed and talking to loved ones can pose challenges. Recover basic skills with help from Tidelands Health Neurological Rehabilitation Center, the first neurological program of its kind Georgetown and Horry counties.

Conditions that Benefit from Neurological Rehabilitation

Our experienced physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists can help you regain independence if you’ve been diagnosed with conditions such as:

Treatment Tailored to You

Your therapists — who act as your coaches and cheerleaders — will evaluate you during your first session and help determine personalized goals for your rehabilitation. Then you’ll meet one on one for intensive care several times a week at Tidelands Health Neurological Rehabilitation Center. Improve your recovery by following customized recommendations for exercises at home.

Most recovery from damage to your nervous system takes place during the first three to six months. During that time, treatment is essential. 

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