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Pharmacy Services

A pharmacist waits by the counter for a customer.

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What You Need to Know About Using Supplements: Explained by Our Pharmacist

Kelly Edwards, Tidelands Health pharmacist, joins to the show to clear up confusion regarding the use of herbal and vitamin supplements.


Medications can relieve symptoms of your condition and improve your quality of life. At Tidelands Health, you’ll benefit from pharmacists who help you get the right dose of the correct medication at the proper time.

Promoting Your Health and Safety

We take your medication safety seriously. That's why we've assigned a clinical pharmacist to every medical service in our hospitals. That means you get safe, effective and cost-efficient medication during your hospital stay. A clinical pharmacist is available around the clock to help your health care team respond immediately if your medical needs change.

While staying at one of our hospitals, you’ll wear a wristband with a barcode that your caregiver will scan to access your medication information and help make sure you get the correct dose at the appropriate time. This technology – part of our bedside medication verification program – also helps ensure you’re prescribed medications that interact safely.

A person pulls a pill out of a pillbox

7 strategies to avoid medication mishaps

There’s at least one scenario in which you’re guaranteed the medication you were prescribed won’t do a thing for you: You don’t take it.

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Get Medication Guidance at our Family Pharmacy

When you’re discharged, get your prescriptions filled and obtain over-the-counter medications at our convenient Family Pharmacy locations within Tidelands Waccamaw Community Hospital and Tidelands Georgetown Memorial Hospital. We’ll help you choose the form of your medication that’s easiest for you to take. You’ll also get answers to your questions and receive instructions on how to manage your medications so you stay healthy and safe.

Take Charge of Your Medications

Your pharmacist is your partner in managing your medications. Learn how to determine how your medication helps you. If you experience unpleasant side effects or don’t find relief from your symptoms, ask your pharmacist about adjusting your treatment plan.