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Tidelands Health Sports Medicine Institute

A Myrtle Beach Pelican baseball player stands at home base ready to bat.

Children Soccer Callout

Can exercise help with ADHD?

It’s common knowledge that exercise is important to the mind and body in myriad different ways, and one of its emerging roles is in the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

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The Tidelands Health Sports Medicine Institute is dedicated to the prompt diagnosis and treatment of a variety of sports injuries. The Sports Medicine Institute includes our hospitals, our orthopedic specialists, our rehabilitation services and our athletic trainers in area high schools. Together, we work to provide high-quality care for weekend warriors and serious athletes alike.

Our team includes specialists, therapists and trainers who have decades of experience treating high school, college and professional athletes. At the Tidelands Sports Medicine Institute, you will receive all-star care just like the pros. Tidelands Health is proud to be the official health care provider of the Myrtle Beach Pelicans and the official health system of the CCU Chanticleers.

A young catcher prepares for the baseball.

How to prevent overuse injuries in young athletes

Overuse injuries aren’t a problem limited to adults or professional athletes.

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Orthopedists in the Tidelands Sports Medicine Institute are available to assess and treat a wide range of sports injuries from fractures, sprains and strains to the more serious joint and tissue injuries that can sideline an athlete. And our Tidelands Health Rehabilitation Services professionals develop therapy regimens that will get you back in the game.

Sports-Related Conditions We Treat

When you’re hurt, seek treatment immediately to improve your recovery. Find care at the Tidelands Health Sports Medicine Institute from nationally recognized doctors with extensive experience treating sports-related injuries not only for amateur athletes but also professional and university athletic teams. Get help for injuries and conditions such as:

Girls playing soccer

Girls’ concussion risk often overlooked

News headlines regularly warn about the potential for brain injury from playing football, but the risk of concussion is not limited to one sport or gender.

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A Winning Performance

After you recover, work toward your athletic potential with conditioning programs at Tidelands HealthPoint Center for Health and Fitness that are designed to improve your speed, strength, agility and power.

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