Preparing for Joint Replacement Surgery

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Joint Replacement

Preparing for Joint Replacement Surgery

To help your joint replacement surgery go smoothly, stay informed about your procedure and fully prepare for it. Turn to caring orthopedic professionals at Tidelands Health for answers to your questions and reassurance throughout your journey.

Choose a Joint Replacement Coach

Several weeks before your procedure, invite a family member or friend to serve as your surgery companion and coach, who will:

  • Attend medical appointments and a preoperative educational class with you
  • Help you follow instructions for eating well and exercising
  • Assist you at home during recovery
  • Offer encouragement and emotional support

Join a Pre-Surgery Class

You and your coach will take a joint replacement program class that explains what to expect before, during and after surgery. In the course, you’ll:

  • Get guidebooks that give detailed advice on how to prepare for your procedure
  • Learn about your surgeon, anesthesiologist and other health care providers, so you’ll feel comfortable with them
  • Receive contact information for your nurses, physical therapist, dietitian, case manager and pharmacist, so you can ask them questions after returning home
  • See what your new joint will look like

Take Steps at Home to Prepare

In your class, you’ll learn physical activities, breathing exercises and eating habits that will increase your odds of a good surgical outcome. Your doctor will explain what supplements or medications you may need to start or stop taking. You’ll get advice on making your home a safe place for recovery. As the date of your procedure approaches, a nurse will call to check on your health and tell you what time to arrive at the hospital for surgery.

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