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Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement Recovery and Rehabilitation

A hip, knee or shoulder replacement will help reduce your joint pain, but healing takes time. Enhance your recovery with rehabilitation services at Tidelands Health.

Your Rehabilitation Journey

Following your procedure, you’ll typically stay in the hospital for two days and begin physical therapy soon after surgery. If a family member or friend can help you with everyday tasks while you recover, you’ll return home and begin outpatient rehabilitation. If home care isn’t an option, you may be able to transition to Tidelands Health Rehabilitation Hospital for inpatient therapy. No matter where you recover, expect to spend a few months regaining mobility and function.

Promoting Your Recovery

Before you leave the hospital, you’ll get advice on:

  • Caring for your incision
  • Eating well to speed your recovery
  • Exercising at home to increase mobility
  • Increasing your circulation, which fosters healing
  • Managing medications
  • Preventing infection
  • Relieving pain

If you have questions after returning home, turn to our dedicated health care providers for answers. And lean on your surgery coach – a designated family member or friend – for encouragement throughout your rehabilitation.

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