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When your bones, joints or muscles hurt, you’ll find no better place in the region than Tidelands Health to receive treatment. Our outcomes for musculoskeletal care rank among the best in the national Crimson database, a technology platform used by health care organizations. That means you’ll get exemplary service at Tidelands Health.

Complete Musculoskeletal Care

Choose Tidelands Health for comprehensive orthopedic services, including:

US News Callout knee


Tidelands Waccamaw has been named by U.S. News and World Report as a high-performing hospital for knee replacement for two consecutive years (2019-2020, 2020-2021).

  • Award-winning joint replacement care for hips, knees and shoulders
  • Specialized pediatric orthopedic care to diagnose, treat and manage bone, joint and muscle conditions in growing children and adolescents
  • The largest network of outpatient rehabilitation providers in the area
  • Our Tidelands HealthPoint Center for Health and Fitness, where you can build strength and get therapy to help you recover after an injury
  • Pain management services that improve your quality of life
  • Powerful imaging and radiology tools that help provide a quick, accurate diagnosis of your condition
  • Spine care specialists who treat your aching back or neck
  • Sports medicine services for athletes of all ages and abilities

    Safe in our Care Callout

    Safe in Our Care

    At Tidelands Health, we’re committed to keeping our patients safe as we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about our “Safe in Our Care” initiative by clicking the link below.

    Learn more.

Outstanding Orthopedic Surgery

If you need musculoskeletal surgery, you’ll get some of the best care in the country at Tidelands Georgetown Memorial Hospital and Tidelands Waccamaw Community Hospital.

U.S. News and World Report has named Tidelands Waccamaw a high-performing hospital for hip replacement (2020-2021) and knee replacement (2019-2020, 2020-2021). Tidelands Georgetown has been recognized by BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina as a Blue Distinction Center for knee and hip replacement and spine surgery

At Tidelands Health, you’ll benefit from shorter hospital stays, low infection rates and faster recovery times.

Skilled Bone, Joint and Muscle Surgeons

At Tidelands Waccamaw Community Hospital and Tidelands Georgetown Memorial Hospital, you benefit from talented surgeons who are skilled in procedures such as:

Broken Kneecap

She left to go shopping. She came home with a broken kneecap.

There is no good time to break your kneecap, especially just before the holidays.

Read more.

  • Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair – A minimally invasive procedure that restores function to your shoulder and upper arm
  • Carpal tunnel surgery – Relieves painful pressure on nerves in your wrist
  • Cartilage repair – Helps your shoulder, elbow, knee or ankle move more easily
  • Hip resurfacing – Eases hip discomfort
  • Joint replacement surgery -- Restores movement to hips, knees and shoulders
  • Ligament reconstruction – Recovers joint stability
  • Spinal surgery -- Relieves back and neck pain
  • Trigger finger surgery – Lets your finger fully extend again

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