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Nutrition Services

A nutritious diet is essential to good health.

At Tidelands Health, you'll find a team of registered dietitians available to help you reach your health goals.

Our dietitians use a science-based approach to food to help you develop a personalized nutrition strategy built around your health needs and objectives. Through personalized coaching, classes and education, our team can help you improve your weight, blood pressure, glucose level and digestive health and address other health needs.

Diabetes Callout


Our registered dietitians are available to answer your nutrition questions. For more information or for a nutrition referral, please call 1-866-TIDELANDS

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Whether you need to lose weight or modify your diet due to specific health concerns, our dietitians can help. During medical nutrition therapy, dietitians will work closely with you to identify your health needs and establish nutritional targets. You may meet with your dietitian several times to assess your progress and modify your plans.

Diabetes Self-Management Classes

Learn more about diabetes and appropriate ways to manage the disease through our diabetes self-management classes. You will meet with a dietitian for an individualized assessment that will be used to create a customized food plan to help you manage your diabetes. The program also includes a series of four weekly classes meant to give you the knowledge and skills to manage the condition. This program is accredited by the American Diabetes Association and, with qualifying lab work, is a covered benefit of Medicare Part B and many insurance providers.

Learn to Shop Healthy on a Budget

Learn how to read food labels, pick healthy snacks and find the best food values through supermarket tours led by our team of registered dietitians. These one-hour tours offer expert insight on strategies meant to help you shop healthy without breaking your food budget.