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CenteringPregnancy Group Care

A group of babies from a previous centering session are photographed together.

Experience more satisfaction with your maternity care experience by taking part in CenteringPregnancy at Tidelands Health. We’re among a handful of health care providers in South Carolina to offer this innovative model of group care.

Take Charge of Your Prenatal Health

Please call 843-651-6525 to learn more about opportunities for education and group support in CenteringPregnancy.

How CenteringPregnancy Works

You’ll meet regularly with a nurse-midwife and several women in similar stages of pregnancy for health assessments, education and peer support. The program is linked to increased birth weight and gestational age of pre-term newborns, so CenteringPregnancy is good for both you and your baby.

Empowering Pregnant Women

In CenteringPregnancy, you’ll build self-confidence as you learn how to check your blood pressure and test your urine sample. You and a nurse-midwife will review your medical records, listen to your baby and measure your belly. You’ll also learn why your nurse-midwife evaluates certain aspects of your health, so you can remain an active partner in your prenatal care.

Education for Expectant Moms

During the program, you’ll receive information about pregnancy stages, breastfeeding and caring for newborns. Get practical, helpful advice from guest speakers such as pediatricians, nutritionists and lactation consultants.

Ongoing Support and Encouragement

Build friendships as you learn from the experiences of other women and share your own advice and concerns. You may bring a support person to each CenteringPregnancy session for extra encouragement.

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