Maternity Care

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Maternity Care

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Safe in our Care Callout

Safe in Our Care

At Tidelands Health, we’re committed to keeping our patients safe as we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about our “Safe in Our Care” initiative by clicking the link below.

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At Tidelands Health, you’ll find exceptional medical and emotional support before, during and after your baby’s arrival. Partner with us as you enjoy the reward of bringing new life into the world.

Award-Winning Care for Moms and Babies

Your labor and delivery team is dedicated to providing you a safe birth experience and reducing the risk of complications. For example, our childbirth program at Tidelands Waccamaw Community Hospital has earned certification from The Joint Commission’s for working to provide the best outcome for mothers and babies. We’re among a handful of hospitals nationwide and the first in South Carolina to earn this designation.

A woman experiences bladder issues.

Pitter-patter (and post-baby bladder)

Some women’s bodies are forever changed by pregnancy, and not only by stretch marks.

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Keeping Your Family Safe

Tidelands Health physicians lead your childbirth team members in measures that help keep you and your baby safe. You and your little one benefit from Tidelands Health initiatives such as:

  • Reserving elective deliveries for babies at 39 weeks gestation or longer, when your baby is more likely to be healthy and ready to leave your womb
  • Efforts to reduce the risk of labor and delivery complications, as well as thorough preparation for any issues that arise
  • A C-section rate consistently lower than the national average, which improves your odds of a quick recovery after delivery
  • Careful monitoring of your unborn baby’s vital signs

Personalized Prenatal Care

A woman breaks a cigarette

Why quitting smoking boosts fertility

You’ve probably heard that smoking can cause cancer, lung disease and heart problems. But did you know that it also can impact your ability to conceive? If you’re struggling to get pregnant, quitting cigarettes can help.

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Get help choosing a health care provider to care for you and your unborn baby. During regularly scheduled visits, your doctor will monitor your baby’s growth and advise you on staying well. You’ll also want to take an active role in your health with CenteringPregnancy group prenatal care sessions, where you’ll find helpful information and enjoy peer support.

Your Birth Experience

As the big day approaches, we work with you to help realize your vision for your labor and delivery experience. You’ll appreciate:

  • Private birthing rooms designed for the comfort of you and your partner or support person
  • The option of spending your first stage of labor in a tub with warm-water jets that reduce pain and delay the need for an epidural
  • Sharing a room and enjoying skin-to-skin time with your newborn to help the two of you bond
  • Exceptional breastfeeding and early bonding support as part of our Baby-Friendly initiative

Midwifery Services

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Nurse midwives: A broad range of care

When you think of a midwife, you might imagine a woman who delivers babies in a home or other non-clinical setting.

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When you choose Tidelands Health for maternity care, you can choose 24/7 access to certified midwives. As your personal maternity care provider and advocate, your midwife stays with you from pregnancy through delivery and your post-partum period to:

  • Perform gynecological exams
  • Provide prenatal care
  • Help with labor and delivery
  • Offer guidance about breastfeeding
  • Advise you on caring for your newborn

Special Care Nursery

Newborns who need extra care will be in good hands at Tidelands Waccamaw Community Hospital and Tidelands Georgetown Memorial Hospital. With Level II nurseries at both hospitals, we’re able to care for babies who are moderately ill or babies born at 32 weeks or later gestation.

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