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Hospital Care

A couple talks to a hospitalist in a hospital.

A grandaughter and her grandfather

‘Dear Hospital’

In 23 years as a leader in health care, Pam Maxwell had never received a letter quite like this one.

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During a hospital stay at Tidelands Health, you may receive treatment from a physician called a hospitalist. A hospitalist works full time in the hospital and is a medical specialist focused solely on caring for hospitalized patients. Hospitalists are highly qualified internal medicine or family medicine specialists. They have the same education and training as other primary care providers in private practice. Tidelands Health hospitalists work closely with and communicate with your primary care provider or specialists, functioning as an inpatient partner to your primary care physician. 

Greater Availability

Because our hospitalists limit their practice only to hospital inpatients, they have greater availability that can result in more rapid response to diagnosis, leading to quicker treatment. And because hospitalists spend all of their time in the hospital, they're available to attend to medical needs that arise throughout the day, explain test results and answer questions for you and your family members. Hospitalists provide patients with continuity of care, allowing you to see the same physician for much of your hospital stay. 

Transition of Care at Discharge

When you are discharged, your hospitalist provides a full summary of your diagnosis, care plan and treatment to your primary care provider. You then return to your primary care practice for follow-up care. 

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