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A group of children running toward the camera.

A Tidelands Health physician jacket.

Find a Doctor

Search for a pediatrician to find a partner in keeping your child as healthy as possible.

Find a pediatrician.

Pediatricians specialize in tending to children’s medical needs. Choose a Tidelands Health pediatrician for a partner who shares your goal of keeping your child well – from infancy to adolescence.

Your Child – Our Priority

Medical care early in life helps set your child on the path to long-term health. That’s why it’s important to begin making regular visits to a pediatrician soon after your baby is born.

Better Health Radio

RSV - Respiratory Syncytial Virus

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is commonly seen in the winter. Dr. Lucretia Carter, pediatrician at Tidelands Health, discusses RSV.


Helping Babies, Children and Teens Stay Healthy

As your child grows, turn to nurturing medical professionals at Tidelands Health for services such as:

  • Well-child checkups
  • School and sports physicals
  • Hearing and vision screenings
  • Vaccinations
  • Treatment for injuries and common childhood illnesses
  • Advice on helping your child adopt healthy habits

Sick Child Callout

Virus or bacteria: What’s causing my child’s illness?

Parents may wonder whether their child's illness was caused by a virus or bacteria.

Read more.

Timely Access to MUSC Health Experts

If your child needs specialized care, experts at MUSC Health can help provide exceptional care close to home. By using telehealth video and audio technology available at our hospitals, an MUSC Health specialist can assess your child’s condition and discuss a treatment plan with your doctors. This service is available around the clock to give local parents peace of mind.

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