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Care and Treatment

  • Dermatology


A woman smiles while holding her face.

Your skin protects your internal organs by blocking out dirt and many bacteria, viruses and allergens. But just like the rest of your body, your skin sometimes needs help staying healthy. Turn to Tidelands Health for top-quality assistance in keeping your skin, hair and nails healthy.

A woman scratches her back

How to soothe dry, itchy skin in the winter

The arrival of colder weather means it’s a great time for warm beverages and evenings by the fire. But unfortunately for many people, chilly temperatures are also a harbinger of dry, irritated skin.

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Conditions We Treat

No matter your age, you may benefit from care at Tidelands Health for conditions such as:

Comprehensive Services for Hair, Skin and Nails

A man and a woman smile at the beach.

Why dark hair offers better sun protection

If you have a full head of naturally dark hair that cascades down around your face, neck and covers your ears, consider yourself fortunate to have some built-in protection for your scalp from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation.

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Take advantage of our extensive dermatology services, including:

  • Allergic skin patch testing to determine what triggers your allergies
  • Skin cancer screenings
  • Spot and mole checks that help detect melanoma
  • Surgical skin cancer removal
  • Treatment for nail infections
  • Aesthetic procedures