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Clinical Trials at Tidelands Health

Clinical trials investigate the use of medications and services to treat cancer and other diseases. Some clinical trials give qualified patients the chance to use a new medication or treatment option that may not otherwise be available to them. Other trials focus on using a medication already approved for one type of disease or stage of cancer to see if it works for other types or other stages of cancer. Still other trials focus solely on how doctors use medications in everyday practice. 

In the Tidelands region, Tidelands Health Cancer Care Network, an affiliate of MUSC Health, is the only cancer center offering patients the opportunity to join clinical trials. 

Consider Both Benefits and Risks

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To learn more about available clinical trials, please call 843-652-1607.

As with any medical treatment, there are both benefits and risks to clinical trial participation. Your doctor and Tidelands Health clinical trial coordinators will review these risks and benefits and answer any questions you may have. 

Some trials are designed to have the potential to directly benefit patients, while others are designed to improve treatment for future patients. Even if you don't directly benefit from a trial, you may be helping future patients by adding to scientific understanding that helps develop improved treatments. 

Clinical trials are highly monitored to protect patient safety. If you are in a clinical trial, you continue to see your doctor for regular checkups to monitor your overall health and blood counts. 

Choosing Whether to Participate

Your participation in a clinical trial is always voluntary. Before deciding to participate, you'll meet with your doctor and the clinical trial team for in-depth discussion about the trial. Your doctor will also discuss with you any other medical treatment options available. 

Open Trials

We partner with the Medical University of South Carolina to participate in studies funded by the National Institutes of Health. We also partner with pharmaceutical companies to offer additional clinical trials. 

New trials regularly become available, so please call 843-652-1607 or 843-652-8089 for the most recent information about available trials. 

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