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Clinical Trials

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To determine the safety and effectiveness of new cancer treatments, researchers use clinical trials. You may receive a promising new treatment in a clinical trial available through Tidelands Health. In the Horry and Georgetown county areas, you’ll find this opportunity only with us. 

Consider Both Benefits and Risks

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To learn more about available clinical trials,  please call 843-652-8374.

Most treatments examined in clinical trials have already shown some promise. If you qualify for a clinical trial, you still have a choice about whether or not to take part. Although clinical trials experiment with treatments that have shown potential, your cancer may or may not improve. You face both benefits and risks in receiving a new drug or therapy, as you do when receiving any medical treatment. The Hollings Cancer Center at MUSC Health monitors the trials and works to minimize risks. 

Choosing Whether to Participate

Before you decide whether to participate in a clinical trial, discuss your options with your doctor. Ask questions to make sure you fully understand what your participation would involve. Talk with loved ones, too, for help making your decision.

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