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Cancer Care

When you receive a cancer diagnosis, you need the best team, technology and treatments to fight the disease. At Tidelands Health, our region’s most comprehensive provider of cancer care, you’ll find quality care close to home.

Safe in our Care Callout

Safe in Our Care

At Tidelands Health, we’re committed to keeping our patients safe as we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about our “Safe in Our Care” initiative by clicking the link below.

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Take advantage of leading cancer services and treatments provided through the Tidelands Health Cancer Care Network, an affiliate of MUSC Health. We offer a personalized approach to care using cutting-edge technology, including our region’s only 3T MRI, precision 3-D mammography and a TrueBeam linear accelerator.

Exceptional Cancer Care

At Tidelands Health, you’ll get superior treatment at Tidelands Health Cancer Care Network locations in Murrells Inlet, Myrtle Beach and the Tidelands Health Francis B. Ford Cancer Treatment Center in Georgetown.

Because we’re accredited by the American College of Surgeons' Commission on Cancer, you can be assured of our dedication to helping you achieve the best possible outcome.

And we are the only cancer care provider in the area affiliated with a National Institutes of Cancer designated cancer center, MUSC Health’s Hollings Cancer Center. That means you have access to medical research at the leading edge of cancer treatment.

Multidisciplinary Care Team

Cold Cap Therapy

cold cap therapy

At Tidelands Health Cancer Care Network, an affiliate of MUSC Health, we offer innovative technology that can help reduce or eliminate hair loss among chemotherapy patients.

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At Tidelands Health, our board-certified physicians are part of a multidisciplinary care team that offers you an integrated, personalized approach to treatment. Your care team may include:

  • Medical oncologist - You will likely see several different types of doctors during your care. Your medical oncologist is the physician specially trained in treating your cancer and providing chemotherapy.
  • Radiation oncologist - Your radiation oncologist is specifically trained in treating cancers using radiation therapy. These board-certified physicians, along with the rest of the radiation therapy team and in collaboration with your medical oncologist, will tailor a specific treatment plan for you.
  • Dosimetrist - Your radiation therapy treatment plan is tailored specifically to treat your type of cancer and is developed by a certified medical dosimetrist who works in collaboration with your radiation oncologist.
  • Radiation physicists - The radiation physicist is a vital member of the team who helps ensure you receive the right amount of radiation for your cancer treatment.
  • Radiation therapist - If you are receiving radiation therapy, you will see your radiation therapist every day during treatment. Your therapist can be a good resource for education and effective ways to manage treatment side effects.
  • Surgeons - Many cancers are treated by removing the tissue surgically. You may see a surgeon who specializes in the type of cancer you have, such as breast cancer or colon cancer.
  • Pathologists - Pathologists are the physicians who diagnose cancer at the cellular level and determine the extent and stage of the disease.
  • Oncology-certified nurses - At Tidelands Health, our oncology registered nurses are certified by the Oncology Nursing Society. This means they have completed additional rigorous study on the unique physical and emotional needs of cancer patients.
  • Cancer care navigators - Cancer care navigators help guide you through the treatment process. A diagnosis of cancer is emotionally trying, and at Tidelands Health, you will have a patient navigator as your resource for education, coordination of care and support.
  • Rehabilitation therapists (physical, occupational and speech therapy) - Cancer treatment can leave you feeling weak. Our rehabilitation therapists can work with you to improve your physical endurance and help you stay as active as possible.
  • Palliative care providers- Our palliative care specialists are available to help you effectively manage any pain associated with your cancer treatment.
  • Nutritionists - Good nutrition is important to optimize your physical well-being during treatment. Our nutritionist can work with you to make sure your diet is providing proper nutrition.
  • Pharmacists - Our pharmacists are specially training in preparing and providing chemotherapy.
  • Clinical trial coordinators - Clinical trial coordinators will review your case to identify any research studies for which you may be eligible. If you choose to enroll in a clinical trial, your coordinator will be an additional resource for you as you proceed with your treatment.
  • Financial counselors - Our financial counselors help you understand your health insurance benefits coverage, additional costs and what, if any, financial aid is available.

Support Before, During and After Treatment

Find encouragement, advice and friendship in cancer support groups at Tidelands Health. After your initial treatment ends, our survivorship program will inform you about follow-up care and ways you can stay healthy.

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