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Tidelands Georgetown Memorial Hospital Surgery Pavilion

This 43,500-square-foot structure, which will be attached to the existing hospital building on Black River Road, will replace the hospital’s existing surgery suites  and will be equipped with the latest equipment and technology to advance treatment and care.

The one-story structure will include four operating rooms and two additional rooms for endoscopy and new procedures.

The new surgery pavilion will be designed to improve flow and increase efficiency, particularly for outpatient surgeries, which constitute the greatest percentage of the more than 2,400 surgeries performed in the hospital’s operating rooms each year.

An early artist's rendering of the new surgery pavilion in Georgetown.

An early rendering depicting the look of the new Tidelands Georgetown Memorial Hospital surgery pavilion.

An aerial shot of early construction on the surgery pavilion.

An aerial shot showing construction of the surgery pavilion in December 2016.  

Steel beams going up on the surgery pavilion.

Steel beams going up for the surgery pavilion in February 2017.

Surgery Pavilion Construction of March 2017

Construction continues on the surgery pavilion in March 2017