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Careers at Tidelands Health

A large group of Tidelands Health employee partners stand together smiling at the camera.

Are you passionate about quality and committed to excellence? Consider joining our Tidelands Health team. As our region's largest health care provider, we are also one of our area's largest employers. More than 1,800 men and women at nearly 50 Tidelands Health locations bring our healing mission to life each day.

From clinical experts to business professionals, a wide variety of talented, committed employee partners comprise our work force. We celebrate diversity and a culture of transparency and fairness, and our health system has been repeatedly recognized as a progressive, forward-thinking employer both locally and nationally.

Whether you are seeking a hospital-based position or are interested in career opportunities in our many outpatient locations, we invite you to explore the possibilities afforded by a fulfilling career at Tidelands Health.

Tidelands Health: By the Numbers

Annual inpatient visits


Annual outpatient visits 419,543
Annual ER visits 64,947
Tidelands Georgetown Memorial Hospital licensed beds 131
Tidelands Waccamaw Community Hospital licensed beds 124
Tidelands Waccamaw Rehabilitation Hospital licensed beds 43

At Tidelands Health, our employee partners are valued and encouraged to become fully engaged in their careers. That’s why our health system routinely scores well above the national average in both employee partnership and employee engagement. 

Live and Work in the Tidelands Region

Paula Mosley

Tidelands Health is at the center of a community so livable many health care professionals come here for the lifestyle as well as the medicine. 

“I love sunshine and being near the beach to read and relax. I also love that I am within a few hours of historic areas up and down the coast, and there is a wide variety of things you can do. There is a diverse culture here, and I love being part of that. When I am out in the community and a conversation turns to Tidelands Waccamaw Community Hospital, I am gratified to hear nothing but praise from people who have been here. I have watched this area grow in the 13 years I have been here, but as the hospital has grown it still retains the personal warmth and caring I saw the first day it opened.”
Paula Moseley
Chief Pharmacy Tech
 “I was a traveling physical therapist for three years immediately after I graduated, leaving the northern New York area to venture all over the Southeast and as far as Texas. Each place I went, I always felt as though something was missing; I wasn’t quite ready to settle down. After returning to New York, I received the opportunity to come to this area where I took on my current position in the Tidelands region. It was here that I felt like I had finally reached a place I could call home. As much as my roots are placed in the north, I am so grateful to have the chance to make this my home. I’m loving what the area has to offer. The beaches, the local flair and the whole culture are things I’ve grown to appreciate. I love the warm weather and all the activities I can do. From Brookgreen Gardens to the beach, from the local evening scene with live music to all the races and events in the area, there is so much to do!”
Jennifer Fraczek
Physical Therapist
“This is a dream come true for my family! We have been planning to relocate to coastal South Carolina for a couple of years now. The climate is amazing, the scenery is breathtaking, and we are quickly adopting that Lowcountry, laid-back lifestyle that was our original draw to the area. Our children are loving their schools, all the new activities and, of course, the beach! After spending some time researching Tidelands Health, and certainly after meeting many of the amazing people whose team I would be joining, it was apparent that the organization's values and vision for the future were exactly what I was looking for. It felt like the perfect fit from the moment I interviewed and still feels amazing to be part of such a progressive organization doing such good work in the Tidelands region.”
Ashley Capps
Associate Vice President of Nursing Operations